Health Awareness campaigns

Integral health is valued as society’s principal asset and hence sustainable health promotion has a crucial role to play in the advancement of people. Health programs are aimed at empowering local communities which help to identify the factors causing ill health, and finding solutions to solve these problems, then and there itself.

Medical Camp

For the furtherance and sustainability of health, we have different community development programmes and medical camps in different areas. The high rate of population growth continuous to make an adverse impact on the health of our people and quality of their life. The continued emphasis on the creative approach has led to the neglect of preventive aspects of health, promotive public health and rehabilitative aspects of health care. Health of individuals and communities is largely depending on their own action.

Jeevana Homeopathic Clinic

PSWS introduced “Jeevana” Homeopathic medical care at Kizhathadiyoor church building with the support of Central research institute for Homeopathy. Hence the medical check-up and treatments are absolutely free to all. Every second and fourth Friday the clinic is open for all.


As part of worlds AIDS day, we commemorated different programmes which include red ribbon campaign, rapid-firing quiz programme for the public at the street etc. Positive speaking by an infected person and a street play brings a powerful message to the public.

Health awareness Campaigns and Medicine distribution

Health awareness campaigns offer great potential to raise awareness and understanding about health issues and mobilize support for action, from the local community. To improve the health status of the community, PSWS is organizing various medical camps in different targeted areas, along with the support of Central Research Institute for Homeopathy, for the epidemic communicable diseases and seasonal monsoon disease such as dengue fever, viral fever etc. The PSWS organized free medical camps and distributed homeo medicine. Many health awareness classes were arranged specially about life style diseases and promotion of healthy life style.

Clean Pala Project

It is a new initiative in collaboration with some retired bureaucrats, who are deeply concerned with eco-friendly activities. A campaign was organized for clean Pala, with the slogan ‘say no to plastic’. Attempts have taken to give awareness at other public for the damage occur in the lives of the people in the society at large.