Jalanidhi project was implemented based on the need of the people. The project was introduced only in areas where interested groups of people show their willingness to participate in the project and abiding by the conditions of cost sharing. This cost sharing of the project is divided as 10% of the capital costs are borne by the beneficiary community, 15% bears the grama panchayath and 75% is the share of the government of Kerala. The beneficiary Groups themselves meet 100% of the recurring costs of operations and maintenance. It is an integrated approach where quality is ascertained through a mix of sanitation and hygiene promotion and provision of infrastructure like latrines, compost pits etc. The beneficiary groups themselves are fully involved in all activities right from identifying their sources, deciding on the technology to be utilized, community contracting and implementation till the operations and maintenance aspects of the schemes. All contracting of goods, works and services will be done at the user level itself for which adequate training will be provided and guidelines made available.

Jalanidhi is a ‘Demand Driven’ rural water supply programme in which beneficiaries should have the major role in planning, implementation, operation and maintenance. The rural water supply schemes rely on nearby surface water sources like rivers, canals, streams, reservoirs and ponds etc. The longevity of the project is of 2 years. The project supposed to conduct in thress phases as,

  1. Primary: It is the beginning stage in which the identification of need and awareness is provided throughout the operational area.
  2. Secondary: In this stage formation of BG (Beneficiary Groups) is conducted, formed as a society and registered.
  3. Tertiary: The end phase in which the implementation of project is done. In this construction of well, rain water harvesting etc take place. This project becomes as innovative project of Kerala Government.

Jalanidhi project (2018- 19) aims at the quality of rural water supply and delivery of environmental sanitation services to achieve sustainability of investments by the support of World Bank. The KRWSA (Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency) under the Water Resource Department Government of Kerala facilitates provision of rural water supply and sanitation at local level by imparting knowledge and building up the capacity of communities, using NGOs and controlling community led approaches. As a result, communities become empowered and are able to work with technicians to specify their own water and sanitation schemes.

Throughout the years we had successfully accomplished the project in many panchayats. With immense pleasure we would like to say that projects in Bharananganam, Karoor and Kozhuvanal Panchayats are completed in the year 2018- 19 and began to provide supply.


Project at Bharananganam successfully finished in 2018-19 year. It was a dream venture in which 26 water supply schemes and 4 rainwater harvesting project included with 2140 families are the direct beneficiaries. All the projects are functioning well and running smoothly. The project helps to overcome the water scarcity there. As part of the ground water resource development project, 8 check dams were constructed, 7 sanitation units are constructed as part of sanitation project and water purification systems also installed. Among the 30 projects 29 are exited. Overall an amount of eight crore thirty lakhs were spent for the project.


The project at Karoor began in the year 2014. $5 drinking water projects including 39 water supplies schemes and 6 rain water harvesting consisted of 3623 direct family beneficiaries all the schemes are successfully completed. A check dam of Rs. 28 lakhs constructed according to the ground water resource development project. Five sanitation units were also constructed and around 9 crore rupees was spent as part of the project.


Project at Kozhuvanal began four years ago. Total 14 projects and every one achieves great success and well executed. Final auditing works are now in progress and a check dam also construction under process. An amount of Rs. 5 crores were spent for the project.

By the end of the year 2019 PSWS completed 169 rural water supply schemes. We are happy to announce that PSWS is entrusted to be a partner to Jalanidhi Sustainable project and Jala Jeevan Mission projects in the coming years. Jalanidhi project as a whole was a great success. Through the 169 rural water supply schemes nearly 12000 families are availing good quality portable water facility. One of the remarkable works was in Bharanaghanam grama-panchayath, the ‘Edappady Jalavahini’ project by which 263 families staying on a hill top are blessed with sufficient water. Another effective project was ‘Thekkedethu’ water supply scheme in Karoor Grama Panchayat where 169 families are able to access water facility and they recently engage in small scale agriculture and vegetable cultivation.