Community Based Organization (CBO)

CBO’s are back bone of the organization through which all the activities are channelized to the members of the society. The society formulated and strengthened people structure of SHG’s as 5 tier system to promote savings and credit programs, to facilitate the participation of women and marginalized in the process of development especially of middle and small-scale farmers and housewives

The grass root tier of CBO is SHGs/ Karshaka Dalam. 1200 SHGs/ Karshaka Dalams are spread over 170 villages of the Society’s jurisdiction. These villages have been brought under 17 zones and 4 regions are constituted by these 17 zones. At the Centre level, the apex body monitors all the activities of SHGs. Through this system the Centre can easily access all the activities of each and every group.

A remarkable milestone in the current year is that the Kanjiramattom Karshaka Dala Federation has registered as a Farmer Producing Company and they initiated a rural market in the locality and another 20 sales outlets in different parts of district. This year we are also blessed with the upliftment of Moozhoor Farmers Club to a Farmer Producing Organization initiating exports to European countries. The Moozhoor Mithram Farmers Club got the technological assistance from CTCRI Thiruvananthapuram and currently they monopolize value added tapioca products in the market. Nearly another 10 SSs became FPOs and another 25 SHGs/Karshaka Dalams started value added production units and initiated weekend markets to sell their agricultural produces and value added products locally.

In the year 2019-2020 eighteen Farmers Clubs were registered under NABARD Farmers Club Program and they got financial assistance of RS. 1,200,000 for various s agricultural related training programs.