Palai Social Welfare Society

This particular wing is geared towards the promotion and marketing of the qualitative products which are produced by the Self Help Groups. The main objective of the department is to arrange trainings in the field of marketing and to make available qualitative products at minimum rate.

Rabbit Rearing Scheme

In accordance with the scheme we are conducting training programme and gave rabbit and cages to the farmers with the assurance of marketing facilities.

Chicken and Goat Distribution

High breed Chicken and Goat are distributing to our partners as part of marketing.

Nylon and Paper Carry Bags

Trainings are conducting at various Swasraya Sanghams for the SHG members. The persons who have received training, started paper carry bag units at different places in our operational area.

Income Generation Programmes

Under the supervision of marketing department, different Income Generating Programmes were started in association with Banks and Industrial Departments. The society is arranging loan facilities for our beneficiaries for starting the IGPs like vegetable garden, animal husbandry programmes, retail shops, food processing units etc.

Interest less Loan

The programme was introduced for solving the economic problems and save the partners from money lenders. We are distributing Group loans to  our SHG’s and individual loans to  SHG members. The loan is distributed after the assessment and grading on the basis of activities and participation of members.


To ensure the economic well-being of our partner’s society introduced loan schemes with minimal interest. Our SHG members are using this loan for starting income generating programmes like; agricultural farming, animal husbandry, tailoring units, food processing units, candle production units and provisional stores.

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