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Community Based Organizations

Community Based Organisations (CBOs) are the backbone of the organization through which all the activities are chanalized to the members of the society. To sustain the Community Development programme through the federation of Self Help Groups, to promote savings and credit programmes and to facilitate the participation of women and marginalized in the process of development, we formulated and strengthened different people structures.

Women Empowerment Programme through CBOs

With the objective of empowering the poor, vulnerable and marginalized women in the operational area we conducted different programmes like, formation and strengthening of CBOs, training programme for resource persons, training programme for leaders, EDP training, interfaces with PRIs and Banks, follow up training for leaders and awareness programmes at village level. 


• To strengthen the existing SHGs for integrated development.

• To enable the partners for sustainable development through economic progression

• To create a gender sensitive community through awareness programmes, seminars and exhibitions.

• To federate the existing SHGs at different levels and network with other agencies.

Sustainable Development Programe for Dalits

To organize the members of Dalit communities for the sustainable and integrated development, Dalit CBOs were formulated. The major activities of the programme were grass root level awareness classes, leadership development programmes, formation and strengthening of dalit SHGs, gender awareness programmes, education promotion programmes and de-addiction programmes


• To develop women leaders from the dalit community

• To federate the groups at Swasraya Sangham, Zonal, Regional and Diocesan level

‘Star’ Groups

Star (Smart, Talented, Active and Responsible) groups are the Adolescent groups which are formed for the development of the adolescent children. Likewise 43 star groups are started in our operational area. These groups are working in a full fledge manner and the groups consists of fifteen to twenty members. There are separate groups for boys and girls. They are conducting group meetings in every second Saturdays in the nearest public place (Aganavady) or at one member’s house. The main activities of the star groups are conducting classes on recent and relevant issues for themselves, celebrating different socially concerned days, conducting competitions and life education camps. 

Integrated Development of women folk

The aim of the project is to improve the productive, community management and political role of the women and leads to the integral development of the women folk in the operational area.


• To improve the economic status of the women partners in the operational area and ensure access and control over money and other resources

• To provide a positive socio cultural condition in the operational area for women development

• To make strategies to improve women participation in Politics and governance in the operational area

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